Expressing the Unseen: The World is as I expect it

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Even though we’re only two lectures in, i found that the theories and imagery spoken about today relates to what i’ve been researching lately, will be beneficial to my practice and will most likely be the topic of my essay.

To think about:

Is the world then just one big illusion? Or, is this how the world really is – always partly material always partly imaginary?

What does this begin to suggest about the processes of design, illustration or making and art? Do we think that we are in full control of what we ‘design’ or make?


Last week, we were given a drawing task to experience drawing through other senses besides visual. I’d previously done a drawing project where i had to draw my face through feel and not sight but there is only one version of my face so accidentally drawing from memory wouldn’t change the outcome greatly. Picking a random object from a bag was different because I subconsciously started to match the chess piece to others i have seen in the past. I thought it was black, plastic and hollow until i saw it was clear, glass and solid. I found that most ‘unseen’ drawings were smaller, lighter and less detailed compared to the ‘seen’ ones.


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