Expressing the Unseen: Deep Histories of the Body

Scan 28 Scan 29

Scan 30 Scan 31

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 18.29.08  Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 18.29.13

I found that the second example ‘the binding of the feet’ reminded me of a problem of my own, when i was younger i was very reluctant on exchanging my shoes for new ones when i had a perfectly fine, worn down pair of shoes. This resulted in my toes being cramped within my shoes and growing diagonally with what is known as ‘bunions.’ They are usually only common in adults wearing impractical high healed shoes too often. That brings up a whole different story of how different styles of shoes are defeating the original purpose of them. Anyway, i now find it impossible to find a pair of shoes that fit comfortably, I have no choice but to wear tight fitted shoes and have no control over preventing them from getting worse until i’m brave enough to have surgery. I’ll probably consider it when i can no longer walk because i obviously have a perfectly fine, worn down pair of feet. Have i learned nothing?


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