Expressing the Unseen: Artist/Designer Brief Swap

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Our group decided to solve the problem of how inconvenient the doors and key card system is at the university. The amount of times we have tried to get in and out of the studio with our hands full, covered in paint or forgetting to sign in every morning and then again if we want to stay late in the night has been proven inconvenient.

So, we decided to design a key chain that today’s technology could provide. It has a sensitive sensor that opens automatic doors without having to get it our of your pocket. It will sign you in and out as you enter and leave the studio. It has a tracking device that links to an app on your smart phone if you ever lose it. And finally, is programmed to recognise when you have a lecture and beeps/vibrates to remind you. I think the difference between us and the designers is that they probably would have put more thought into designing it, what materials would be beneficial and how it would actually function. Whereas we were going crazy thinking about the endless possibility of things it could do and if we had more time, play with different kinds of materials and colours that would probably make it look different to our original design.

Come to think of it, this device is quite scary. I’ve only recently opened up to technology because i’m scared of becoming too reliant on it.


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