Blurred Vision

Honestly, one of the photos was taken accidentally after i was playing with the settings and forgot to change the shutter speed back. I found that it had an interesting effect and decided to roll with it, slowing it down even further. We don’t see and remember things as crystal clear as our camera does so my main objective became to show how our vision works through my photography.


I remember what Amy and Fran were wearing and where they were sitting but ask me to describe the boats and the people on them and i couldn’t tell you.


I found that some of the photographs started to look like paintings, the red building on the left seems like something i would paint with my iPad.


A lot of the photographs showed a variety of movement, either from me walking forward or my surroundings changing.

IMG_0442 IMG_0448 IMG_0467 IMG_0469 IMG_0475 IMG_0483 IMG_0485 IMG_0498IMG_0504


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A nocturnal twenty-something artist

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