La Biennale Di Venezia


Olga Chernysheva 073

IMG_0687 IMG_0688

“If the place is arranged so that the creature doesn’t go there by itself, it means the place is wrongly arranged”

I find the way the cage is drawn lighter in the darker areas interesting and might incorporate that into my own drawings.

IMG_0690 IMG_0691

“If the train arrives – the effect will be the same as if you’d used an eraser”

IMG_0700 IMG_0701

Kutlug Ataman 126


I thought that this was an unusual and interesting way to display a variety of portraits which has inspired me to continue with my ‘photo every day’ project and to be more creative with how i exhibit it in a years time.


The Key In The Land

Chiharu Shiota

IMG_0850 IMG_0857IMG_0947 IMG_0949


United States Of America

Joan Jonas





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