Hand Casts

These are the first three large hand casts i made. The first one didn’t go as planned, the very tips of the fingers didn’t make it and the thumb fell off… But, i managed to repair it. The second one went well although visible signs of bubbles and the third one only had minor tears in the alginate from where i couldn’t release my hand.

The first two images are of the same cast from a mould that split in half. I persevered with it and attempt to somehow keep it together while pouring in the plaster but it basically fell apart and i threw it away. Little did i know, someone retrieved it incase i changed my mind and i ended up learning to accept my mistakes. The next cast tore around my wrist but the rest of it held together, i found beauty in the shapes and it became one of my favourite pieces.


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A nocturnal twenty-something artist

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