I have come to the realisation that the act of knitting is more important than the end result, despite the feeling of accomplishment after finishing the knitted item. The process of acts such as knitting keep both hands and mind occupied, eliminating any subconscious movements that will satisfy an impulse. The soft and repetitive sounds of the yarn, wooden needles and breathing can give a sense of relaxation. When the video is reversed the sound becomes distorted and seems unnatural but apparently the hand gestures appear the same to someone who doesn’t knit.

I found it interesting that although i planned to not knit with my own hair, a few strands sneaked into knitting with the yarn and i became aware of the hair stuck to my clothes that i’d pulled out moments for videoing. I’m disappointed that the video was out of focus  but recording again would mean that i’d be consciously seeing hair get tangled up in the yarn and it wouldn’t have the same effect.

IMG_0379 2


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