Self-Portrait (Hands Spread on Knees) // John Coplan

Self-Portrait (Hands Spread on Knees) 1985 by John Coplans 1920-2003

Since 1984, the subject of Coplans work has been his own body, focusing on individual parts such as hands and feet but excluding his face. He thought of the body as being able to express a language originating in a collective unconscious; universal, primordial and direct. The photographs are often cropped, drastically enlarged and close-up with a sense of familiarity as well as ambiguity. Coplan avoids posing with recognised symbolic gestures which is something i have struggled to do within my own practice. I often attempt to capture gestures unique to the experience of a mental health condition yet sometimes analysed as something entirely different. I am no stranger to cropped and close-up images but i plan on experimenting with the scale of my prints.


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A nocturnal twenty-something artist

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