I Am Legend, 2007. [DVD] Francis Lawrence, US: Warner Bros. Pictures


The ‘hidden city’ theme reminded our group of an interesting film that showed how New York may look if it was abandoned. The streets were inhabited by wildlife and empty buildings were left to shadow over the decaying evidence of human existence. I think it would be beautiful to allow nature grow throughout the city without necessarily abandoning it!


Richard Wentworth, Making do and Getting by, 1999

Picture 1

My eyes have been opened to the strange details of the city that usually go unseen. Wentworth portrays London from a different perspective, photographing objects that seem to be amiss in their surroundings. The photo is a good example of how something can be blended in and easily ignored. I can’t wait to see what Cardiff is hiding!


Today we were introduced to our term one Controversy project about The Baby Cage.

‘In the 1930’s, baby cages were designed to enable babies and children who lived in high rise apartment blocks in London and New York to have fresh air, as there were no gardens.’

At first glance, the image shown terrifies me! I’m interested to know the reasons behind the making of the invention and why on earth anyone would consider using it. Hopefully, i’ll be able to understand and support both sides of the argument after much needed research!


Caption: 27th January 1934: An example of the wire cage which East Poplar borough council in London propose to fix to the outside of their tenement windows, so that babies can benefit from fresh air and sunshine. 

(Fox Photos/Getty Images)