Sound box

I made a small box to house an iPod and drilled a hole to attach a pair of headphones, it’ll be placed alongside the prints and play the sounds of the materials used in the scans as well as a sponge to replicate playing with hair and the popping sounds of bubble wrap with the aim to induce ASMR and relaxation.

My only concern is that i will be overcrowding my space and the sound might clash with the other pieces. If I had two separate spaces or a straight wall instead of an L shape, i would’ve definitely displayed the sound alongside the scans.



At first i was overwhelmed with the amount of work that is put in to building the show and preparing my space but with the dedication from third years and the help from my allocated first year Karl, i was surprised by how fast it all came together!

Final Plan

I had originally planned on hanging my clay pieces but they are too fragile to risk displaying them on an unsteady wall. I compromised by placing them on a plinth in the middle of the floor which also used up the large space more effectively. Having more wall space available, i decided to also display prints with the possibility of sound to accompany them. Having several finished pieces, i am keeping my options open and can easily adapt them to the space provided.


The focus of my work is to communicate the often-misinterpreted impulse control disorder called Trichotillomania, whereby a person has the irresistible urge to pull hair out anywhere on the body. Through the use of scanography, sculpture and video i aim to produce the closest representation of my own personal experience. My most recent work shows the conflict between appreciation and frustration from what my hands are capable of and the behavioural stages of impulsivity while exploring visuals, sounds and feelings that can cause relaxation.

Latex gloves


I associate latex gloves with the medical industry and i’ve used them to respond to my first experiences of reaching out for help, visiting doctors who inspected by hair after a few seconds only to remove their latex gloves and repeatedly tell me that pulling out my hair is a habit and when i grow, so will my hair. Before finally being diagnosed with Trichotillomania but still not provided with the help i needed.

The left and middle scans show me clinging on to the gloves in desperation whereas the right shows a glove blending into the wrist and appears to become a second skin that can’t be removed.

Affordable Art Auction

The affordable art auction was a huge success and we raised over £600 towards the degree show! I was surprised to find out that my piece gained two bids and sold for around £15. For future shows, i will print my scans on matt not glossy paper and remove the glass from the frame as the black background created two layers of reflections which made it difficult to see the piece clearly.