Support // Lorenzo Quinn


The instillation of the monumental sculpture for the 2017 Venice Biennale has recently been finished. The piece consists of two giant hands stretched out from the water in order to support the hotel. It’s a visual statement against climate change and the rising sea levels that effect the city. It has influenced me to revisit making 3D forms of my hands after i’ve finished my degree, using a material other than plaster and clay. I would like to explore the scale of my work like i have done with the prints. I’m disappointed that i will not be attending this years Biennale because i’d love to see this piece of work in person.

Untitled // Vadim Stein


In this image by Vader Stein, the material almost acts as a second skin and where the material stretches seems to create tension. I find it interesting that the parts of the body that aren’t covered are known to be the most expressive. The hand positions seem to be contradicting each other, one in despair and one providing support. The piece has influenced me to explore materials that could mimic a second skin and to use conflicting hand gestures in my own artwork.

Anywhen // Philippe Parreno


When visiting the Tate, the turbine hall had been transformed into an immersive experience that challenged my perception of time and space. I was invited to get a blanket and lay on the floor to experience the stimulation of a variety of senses with the use of acoustics, sound lighting, flying objects and film. Anywhen is a constantly changing exhibition that will evolve over a six month period. The sequences were triggered by software informed by micro organisms that react to the elements through a bioreactor situated at the back of the hall. I found that this was an interesting setup that challenged the use of the exhibition space and i has influenced me to explore expressing emotions that i’ve experienced through a variety of sensations.

Premiere pro

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 17.15.40

I decided to display every recording of each clay piece i’ve made into one video. I gradually added them in the order of which i made them and pin pointed the exact moment my hand touched the clay. My aim is to imitate the impatience and growing tension experienced when suffering with an impulse control disorder, finally leading to a satisfying moment but then realising that the act just destroyed what i’d spent all that time preparing.




These videos intend to show how relaxing hair brushing can be but how easily it is for me to get distracted by one piece of hair and can turn into something destructive. I plan on overlaying both projects to create a sense of conflict between feeling comfortable with the sounds and uncomfortable with the visuals.

The subconscious movements are those that cause the most damage and I’m confident that I can control the impulses during the videos, however filming the process for so long eventually drained my strength and I seek to find other materials and methods i can use to mimic the experience.